Inside the Opus

Weighing in at 32kg (70lb), the Official DreamWorks Animation Opus is the largest book ever produced on a film studio, and at 858 pages it’s the lengthiest Opus to date. The main focus is the back catalogue of the 36 feature-length animated films, but the visually-led movie chapters are supplemented by additional sections covering the creation process, television, technology and the DreamWorks culture, as well as fascinating interviews with some of the key decision-makers from the last 25 years.


Foreword by Cameron Diaz

The foreword for the Opus is written by world famous actress and friend of DreamWorks, Cameron Diaz. Best known in the world of animation for her hugely successful role as Princess Fiona in the four Shrek movies, Cameron personally congratulates DreamWorks Animation on their Opus (see excerpt below).

‘This 858-page, 65-pound book is an ode to the labor of love and dedication by Jeffrey Katzenberg and the thousands of people who have touched DreamWorks Animation over the years. To all of the filmmakers, artists, animators, storytellers and technology wizards, this is your Opus… and I hope you are all so very proud. The world cannot wait to see what the next 25 years will bring from the hearts and minds of DreamWorks, and who knows, maybe we will see more of Princess Fiona (my green fingers are crossed). Congratulations DreamWorks, on your Opus.’

An Unprecedented Insight

Exclusive interviews with Jeffrey Katzenberg and other key players shed new light on how DreamWorks came into being, the factors that shaped its evolution and what the future may hold for the studio.

The DreamWorks Collection

For the first time ever, all of DreamWorks Animation’s feature films are brought together within one single publication. The Opus revisits each movie in-depth and uncovers the stories that have never been shared before.

Animation Creation

An animated movie can take several years to create, and a lot needs to happen before it ends up on the big screen. The Opus takes you through every stage that goes into making a DreamWorks Animation feature film, from start to finish.

Previously Unseen Content

The Opus team worked closely with DreamWorks Animation in California, discovering previously untold stories and unearthing artefacts from the DreamWorks archive that help to shed new light on the development paths of their films and characters. For example, these clay maquettes – showing how Shrek could have looked – have never been published before.

Thoughts from the Talent

Over the years DreamWorks Animation have been renowned for casting some of the most highly regarded actors in the business. See behind the scenes photographs of the talent at work in the recording studio and read their fascinating commentary on the movies they starred in.


Learn about the innovative and hugely successful television arm of the studio, and the ethos that has led to over 20 Emmy Awards. The creative pioneers of DreamWorks Animation Television have crafted more than 1,000 episodes of groundbreaking programming — the equivalent of 250 animated features.

Research Trip Photographs

Photographs from the filmmakers’ personal collections bring a whole new appreciation of the thought process behind the location design of the movies. Discover the inspiration behind some of DreamWorks most memorable worlds and the characters that inhabit them.

A Special Culture

The Opus takes you inside the gates of the purpose-built campus, dissecting the unique DreamWorks culture and revealing why it’s a key element in the studio’s success. Discover how everything on campus is designed to nurture creativity and experience the inclusive and collaborative nature which allows the imagination to run free.

Giant Gatefolds

The Opus contains three stunning gatefolds, each opening out to a width of nearly two metres. The Hidden World from the third instalment of How to Train Your Dragon, a panoramic view of the DreamWorks campus and a montage of movie posters from every film, are all afforded this special treatment.