The Opus team were excited to receive a heartfelt contribution to the Official Mandela Opus from the fourth and current President of Russia, Mr Vladimir Putin. He expressed his sorrow of the demise on 5 December 2013 of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and continued to say,

Several generations of Russians campaigned over the “Free Nelson Mandela!” demand to the Apartheid regime. Moscow established relations with the African National Congress (ANC) more than 75 years ago, and supported the struggle of this organization in every form. Soviet representatives consistently engaged in the United Nations and other international bodies, firmly opposing the Apartheid regime and advocating its international isolation. The USSR imposed sanctions on South Africa in early 1960s and strictly observed them, making it a matter of principle to withhold contacts with the racist government.

The complete contribution will be available to read in the Opus which is currently being created.