About Bolt The Opus

Together with Usain, the Opus team looks back on an illustrious sporting career to relive moments that had fans on the edge of their seats as he fought to win 8 Olympic Games Gold medals, 11 World Championships Gold medals and countless awards including Laureus World Sportsman of the Year on four occasions.

Clamshell Presentation Case

Bolt The Opus is presented in a luxury, handmade, cloth-covered magnetic presentation case, adorned with an iconic image of Usain Bolt looking over his shoulder as he pulls away to triumph at the Rio Olympics. It comes complete with a pair of white gloves to protect the Opus whilst viewing.

A Luxury Publication

The front cover of Bolt The Opus is adorned with a polished metal silhouette of Usain’s iconic victory celebration stance. This majestic emblem measures 25cm tall and is a luxurious symbol to crown the Opus.

Signature Sheet

Bolt The Opus is limited worldwide to 958 copies that incorporates a special signature sheet especially designed for the Opus and individually hand-signed by Usain Bolt in Kingston, Jamaica. Each copy will come with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Unprecedented Scale

The size of the Bolt The Opus has to be seen to be truly appreciated, with each of the 250 pages measuring a gargantuan 60cm x 46cm.

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