Tailor Made

Create your own unique bespoked Opus

The ‘Tailor Made’ service is like no other in the world of publishing. The opportunity for our clients to bespoke their own copy is a feature that we have found resonates tremendously well when trying to make an Opus even more special.

Be a part of the Bentley Centenary by including photographs and/or a message that hold a personal meaning for you and your loved ones. Often the first page of your Tailor Made pages is be adorned with the owner’s name, family name and / or personal inscription, acting as a title page for your very own section.

The following pages usually include your personal photos which are emailed to us at Opus. The subject matter of the photos you send to be included in your Tailor Made section can be whatever you wish, be it a visit to Le Mans, a race day experience or simply you and your loved ones enjoying life.

The next stage would involve the Opus design team creating a layout that include your words and photos. We will send that back to you designed pages in pdf format for approval. Once you’re satisfied, the pages will be printed, hand-stitched and bound, into the front of your OWN UNIQUE edition. Thus immortalising you and your memories within the centenary celebration of Bentley.