Enduring Spirit

The story of the birth of Bentley and Bentley Motors to the present day. Incorporating the specially commissioned Polaroid portrait photo-shoot and the Bentley Boys and Girls that created the aura behind Bentley. The chapter includes artefacts from private collections including those that belonged to W.O. Bentley himself.

Winning Edge

The success stories of Bentley Motors from Le Mans through to modern day record breaking endeavours such as Pike’s Peak and the Ice Speed Record. Includes specially commissioned photo-shoot of the original Blue Train. Opus also takes you behind the scenes of a GT3 race series with unrivalled access. We at Opus were invited to go behind the scenes of not only race day but into M-Sport division to discover the meticulous attention to detail that goes into creating the Bentley Team M-Sport Continental GT3 racing cars.

One Hundred Years of Grand Touring

Illustrated in 56 beautiful hand-painted fine art watercolours. First time in 100 years that the complete Bentley cars collection has been commissioned in this way. Phillip Dutton-White has over 40 years of experience and is a member of the Royal Society of Artists and Designers, and was in constant discussion with the award winning Bentley Motors Design Team in creating these wonderful watercolours.

Unbroken Line

The insight garnered by bringing together three top designers and having an informal discussion truly is eye-opening and has been captured within the chapter. The chapter also shows the timeline of the creation of the latest Bentley Continental GT and GT Convertible from initial sketches to final sign-off for production. This is truly a jewel in the Opus as there are numerous sketches and photography which are very rarely seen outside of the secretive Design Studio found at Bentley Motors.


The people, dedication and the hours that go into producing the hand-built Mulsanne is shown within the chapter. Opus had an all access pass to the creation of the most hand-built production saloon car. The story is covered in detail from the body structure to the attention to detail and level of craftsmanship of the wood and leather teams to the final build assembly. All departments working together to create the uniqueness that is so evidently Bentley.


Mulliner – The bespokeing arm of Bentley Motors. The chapter highlights the intricate craftsmanship and exclusive work of craftspeople behind Mulliner. The chapter shows the world of Mulliner, not only the beautiful creations but also the thinking behind the creations.


Bentley ownership brings with it the chance to partake in the finest experiences around the world. Showing how Bentley Motors connects with its owners whilst overing exclusive exhibitions to customer-oriented driver experiences around the world.

Constant Quest

The story of the pursuit of perfection in terms of production and digital innovations to the next generations of Team Bentley. Ending in the highlights of the creation of a hand-built Bentley engine.

Next One Hundred Years

An exclusive interview with Adrian Hallmark – CEO Bentley Motors. His vision for Bentley Motors with the introduction of new technologies and challenges borne by the need for electric, connected and autonomous vehicles that encompass the Bentley Motors ethos… luxury mobility.